About Us

Have you ever tried a pastry with a 300-year-old recipe?

Chimney Cakes are known around the world as kürtőskalács, kurtosh, trdelnik, baumstriezel, or baumkuchen. Our specialty is a handcrafted, uniquely shaped European-style pastry baked with all natural ingredients.

Walnut Kürtős Chimney Cake

How do you eat it? 
Pinch it, tear it, break it, bite it. Repeat.

Now this famous cone, whilst still retaining the basic original secret ingredients is brimming with various flavours, both sweet and savory. Our goal is to follow todays gastronomical trends but still retaining the tratidional preparation method. We make delicious chimney cakes filled with our homemade ice cream (gelato), topped with strawberries, whipped cream and other delicasies that are just irresisteble.

We are an international team of British, Slovene and Hungarian who are all passionate about what we do, our products and the success of our customers.

To be able to give our customers the best advice and training, we have experience of making and selling the finished product Kürtöskalács or Chimney cake. We believe that this is an important task so that we can continue to develop new equipment to meet our customers ever changing needs and circumstances.